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Design Your Own Nail Wraps with INNI

Ever taken an Instagram and thought, “Man, that would look so cool as nail art?” That thought crossed our minds many times as we snapped a pic of a cool graffiti wall in the city or the ocean’s crashing waves on our last vacation. Now those dreams of creating your nail art are about to come true. INNI Nails, a customizable nail wrap brand, launched in the US and is bringing nail art to the next level.

The concept

The concept of INNI is simple: Find a photo you like, upload it, print it, and wear it. From Instagram shots to team logos to hand-drawn designs, if you can create it, INNI can ensure you can wear it. (We may or may not have created a Ryan Gosling-themed nail design.)

How to make your nail art

Simply head over to the brand’s site, open a new studio, and let your creative juices flow. You can upload images from your desktop, from a URL, set a solid-color backdrop, use the pro tools to draw your own designs, and more. Every aspect of this process has a personal, customizable feel to it. But of course, if you’re not feeling the creative spark, you can still shop other users’ designs and let them do the work for you. 

The price

Priced at $10 for a complete sticker set (that’s 30 pieces with 13 different sizes for both hands), the wraps are designed to mimic gel nail polish and last for up to 14 days without peeling, chipping, or reacting to hot temps and water. So if you want to put that cute picture of your cat on your manicure, go for it. There’s no stopping you now.

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