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5 Romantic Post-Thanksgiving Date Ideas

Now that you’ve made it through the stress that Thanksgiving and Black Friday brings, you and your significant other can get back to spending some quality time with each other that doesn’t involve the rest of your extended family. We’ve got 5 date ideas for you and your man to have some fun with each other.

5 Romantic Post-Thanksgiving Date Ideas

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Get to know things about each other from before you were together.

This is an especially great date idea if you’re spending the holidays with your man’s family. Drive through each other’s hometowns for a mini sightseeing trip of former schools and parks. Share each other’s old photo albums and yearbooks. It’s always a bonding moment to laugh over the old and slightly embarrassing photos from your teenage years.

Decorate for Christmas

Now that you no longer live at home, you can start your own holiday decorating traditions. Enjoy some hot chocolate while prepping for Christmas. Trim the tree, put up your lights, and start wrapping gifts. And it goes without saying, but you should definitely play your favorite Christmas classics, like “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Go on a double date with your parents

The holidays are all about family. So, even if you think you’ve had an overload of family time, the chance for a grown-up date with your man and your parents doesn’t happen often. Take a night to spend with some of the most important people in your life. If your guy doesn’t usually get to spend much time with your parents, this is a perfect opportunity to show off his personality and really get to know them in a more intimate setting, and vice versa for you and his parents.

Have a leftovers cookoff

Your fridge is probably overflowing with leftovers right now. Instead of ignoring the Thanksgiving staples for something new, put that food to good use. Get creative and have a mini contest to whip up the tastiest leftovers meal. Cooking together is always a great bonding experience.

Start training for a 5K

All that eating and time spent inside is enough to make anyone a little stir-crazy. Fight the holiday weight gain and sign up for a 5K with your training partner. The two of you can motivate each other, and who knows what will happen in the spirit of runner’s high.

Which of these date ideas is your favorite? I love the idea of creating a new Christmas decorating tradition with my man.

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