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Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

It’s official, women are amazing at EVERYTHING they do.

Men may think they are better than us, particularly when it comes to driving, but research by UK motors group, Jennings, has revealed that women are actually safer on the roads.

10 Resasons Why Women are Better Drivers Than Men
So, no more do we need to put up with the rolled eyes and tutting which comes from our male companions in the passenger seat next to us, whenever we are driving. Nor do we have to listen to their moaning, whenever we get stuck behind a lorry they think we should have overtaken – even though it’s on a blind bend and would actually gain us about another 30 seconds on our journey.

Thanks to our natural cautiousness, our driving has come out top in a poll, detailing the 10 reasons why women ARE better drivers than men. . .

Infographic via Click Image to Enlarge.


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