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3 Basic Rules For Talking To A Girl You Like

Very often men complain that they fail to understand how to attract a girl. Across many cultures of the world, traditional men are considered the man of the house, but times have changed. Men, who are too stubborn to change their opinions too judgmental, and too commanding or overly obsessed with being Mr.Right find it extremely hard to learn how to talk to a girl or how to attract a girl. Many men are kept tied to a girl as their best friend for years without getting even a single chance of a romantic affiliation with her just because they have rigid opinions and refuse to accept someone else as their true self.

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Learn to Handle Argument

The perfect Mr. Cool Guy would always handle all arguments at the workplace among family and friends with a serene and calm attitude and would soon realize how famous you are among the female co-workers and friends, as well.

Peaceful discussion is an art that needs to be mastered with proper care to maintain healthy relationships of all sorts. No woman on earth would want to marry (or date long-term) a snob who thinks he is always right.

First date? Speak Observe Shift

You don’t have to be all out in the open the first time you meet a girl. Let her take charge and speak for herself. Give your viewpoint a rest because you will have time to discuss your part once you get that second date.

During a first date follow a basic rule I call Speak-Observe-Shift. If any of your words are returned with something other than a polite smile (a thoughtful nod, a silent gaze, or an ignoring look) consider shifting your topic or just spare her your opinion.

Watch That Word, Mind That Tone

According to research, 80 percent of relationships end due to wrong choice of words and tone of voice while only 20 percent of relationships break due to actual disagreement.

Be open to the possibility that many of the opinions of your ex-g/f might be a shared opinion of a larger social group and it is quite likely that the new girl you meet shares some views of your ex. So Let all your grudges against your ex, take the back seat when you are all set to attract a girl for a new relationship.

Avoid discussing controversial issues that could stir discomforting arguments. Be assured that all matters of the feministic rights movement, lesbian rights, and nudists will eventually resolve at a platform larger than the dinner table you two are sitting at.

How to attract a strongly opinionated girl? This is probably the most oft-quoted problem with which my male friends, and cousins (even exes) come up to me seeking advice. Truth is if a man as a friend is too bossy, judgmental, or jumps into making conclusions it is hard for a woman to like him and consider being intimate with him. So if, you want to learn how to get a girl to like you your first lesson is being polite and accommodating as much as you can. Remember that, the only thing you can change in the world is yourself.

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